Welcome to day three of your Paleo Challenge. Here you will post your total points from yesterday's (1/2/14) adventures. hang in there

So Far so good???

Don't forget about your squats and situps - they are worth 2 extra points.

Still confused? Don't know what to eat? Visit this great Blog Site it is worth saving. What I like about her posts is portions. She eats modestly. If you have weight to shed you still have to watch your food choices and portion control. We can't eat a lot of nuts and sugar free baked goods if we want to trim down. Paleo can be very simple - visit this website for a simple menu plan. There are downloadable cookbooks on Amazon - some are free and some are only .99 Cents!

A little planning goes a long way...

Other websites people are sharing are http://emeals.com/meal-plans/paleo/