Welcome to day five of your Paleo Challenge. Here you will post your total points from yesterday’s (1/4/14) adventures.

This will fire up your dinner table

Taco Fries

How important is sleep? 6 hours, 7 hours? How many hours do you average?

Sleep and Stress article a must read

Magnesium Sleep and Mental Health. Should you be taking a magnesium supplement?

Read on...

 Even if your diet is dialed in you are still 100% effected by the air you breath and the toxins around you. Supplementing is it a must? Read on...

Missed the last challenge and need some bonus points? Let's Begin. Today (1/5) you will drink 80 ounces of water and continue to drink 80 ounces everday til Friday (1/10). This is an all or nothing Challenge. You will post your 6 bonus points on Saturday January (1/11). Good Luck!