Psssttt....I smell another physical challenge in the works...

Welcome to day seven  of your Paleo Challenge. Here you will post your total points from yesterday’s (1/6/14) adventures.

How is it going? Need recipe Ideas? Have any to share? What is your favorite go-to-breakfast??


Kasey Wrote:

Is it strange that I am actually hungrier on this diet? I have been exercising a little bit more, but not enough that I feel I should be needing a lot of extra food. I just thought I'd feel more full eating this food, but I notice myself hungrier more often. Or is that just my metabolism getting back on track or something?

The group responded back:

I noticed that my first challenge. I believe it's part of the process of removing sugar from our diets. Sugar cravings can be strong and when we remove it from our bodies, our bodies crave the carbs. It could take a week to adjust. Allow yourself to experiment with paleo treats - not cheats - some of the goodies Trina K Kubitschek has been posting with cocoa, bananas, almond nut butters, to get you thru the tough times. Also, eat when you are hungry...focus on proteins - have turkey breast, hard boiled eggs and follow it with a small piece of fruit. Don't be afraid to have this as a snack even tho it might feel like a meal to you normally. Your body will soon switch to enjoying the proteins instead of the carbs for your energy. Frozen blueberries are also a really nice treat or grapes. Yum!                                                                         Gretchen

I'm w Gretchen. I felt the same way the first time. When I "feel" hungry I also try a few of the suggestions that seem to work. I drink a glass of water because they say sometimes we feel hungry but we are actually thirsty. Or I do something like chores or a walk just to make sure it's not boredom. . If these don't work I snack on veggies since I never seem to get enough veggies                Misty

Some times I feel "empty" and it feels like I am hungry through Sugar Detox. It only lasts a few days usually and I do feel like I am eating a lot. Well, I have learned that I just eat a lot!  In my research I have found that you do need more calories for you body to burn the fat and not muscle. If you are comfortable, post your food. Trina has given me lots of tips and tricks over the last few years that really help. One of the best tips she gave during our first challenge was to treat "snacks" like mini meals, have a protein, a fat and a carb in each snack.                                                                                                         Kim

Great advice Gretchen and Misty. Don't be afraid to eat. I had a guy once say it is easy to eat 6 slices of pizza but to sit down and eat 6 chicken breasts is impossible. If you are tracking your calories you might be surprised how little calories are in meat and veggies. Don't be afraid to eat an entire avocado with a chicken breast...                                                                                                   Trina