Welcome to day eight  of your Paleo Challenge. Here you will post your total points from yesterday’s (1/7/14) adventures. You have an entire week under your belt - and you are doing AWESOME!

Your next fitness challenge has arrived. On top of your daily very minimal 10 minutes of physical activity you will add 20 more minutes of steady state aerobic activity. Steady State Aerobic Activity is Walking, Jogging, Running, Swimming, biking, rowing, stair climbing...you get the idea. Along with your Aerobic Activity you will perform 100 Military Style Pushups. Here are several examples on how you need to perform these pushups. Push-Up Examples I apologize for the long tutorial but you get the idea. Your challenge Begins Today Wednesday 1/8 and Ends Friday at Midnight 1/10. You will Post your 5 Bonus Points (all or nothing) Saturday 1/11.


Paleo Challenge Points Earned