Day 15 of our Paleo Challenge  Here you will post your success from 1/14/14.


We know how important sleep is - life style challenge starting this evening is to get your ZZZzzzz's

Aim for 7 hours of good quality sleep every night starting today til Monday Morning. Report daily on how you did from the evening before. If you get less than 7 hours of sleep in the night time - allow yourself some rest time to make up for the lost time. Rest time is complete down time with no stimuli present (stimuli being reading, writing, electronics, kids, pets, spouses, etc). Meditation is acceptable. If you are successful you will earn one point for each days worth of your complete 7 hours. For example Wednesday you get in a 30 minute nap and sleep 6.5 hours you get a point. Thursday you sleep 6.5 hours and meditate for 15 minutes you do NOT earn a point. Post your total points earned on Monday 1/20/14

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Paleo Challenge Points Earned Click here to see your scores! Awesome work everyone!!