Day 26 of our Paleo Challenge here you will post your success from 1/25/13.

Life Style Challenge


Did you read the article that spoke of bulking up? It had a fun math equation that gave us an idea of calories required just to survive (BMR).. Did you do the math? How many calories do you need to eat to sustain? lose weight?

It is worth one bonus point to share with us what the calorie number is.

Do you log your calories? Lets begin tomorrow... For six bonus points you will log your calorie intake. You will log your intake for three days and earn 6 points. Chart Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday meals.  It doesn't have to be totally exact - but I am asking you to grasp a concept of what portions look like and how many calories you are ingesting. It might be tough if you eat out or make a main some work will be involved here. You can simply write it down on paper and report your calories daily and your points on Wednesday.

The glorious web has free nutrition data bases so that you can look stuff up that may not have a label...

you can google Calorie counter, Nutrition Data or simply type in "how many calories in a small apple"

What a serving looks like :

Last Physical Challenge starting tomorrow...