Day 28 of our Paleo Challenge here you will post your success from 1/27/13.

Points earned:

5 for nutrition

2 for exercise

1 for noting your menu and calories

6 points if you got your 100 burpees done.

BMR Notes:

So your BMR is the base at which your body needs to live  at rest. Most of you ate less than your BMR - which can mean that your body is holding onto fat and will store the fat as energy and you will not lose the weight you so desire. If you don't desire to lose weight but want to sustain the weight you have then you need to eat at minimum your BMR calorie requirement. When you are not resting and you are moving or exercising you need to eat at least 300 calories or more depending on the duration of your exercise for that day. Remember the old saying "Eat more to Weight Less"?

With that being said remember you BMR calculations? Now go eat more please!!!

Your BMR: Kim T: 1450 Carol: 1961 (seems high you might want to redo your numbers) Tracy C: 1805 (seems high you might want to redo your numbers) Gretchen: 1481 Misty: 1626 Tracy N: 1511 Courtney: 1480 Allison: 1704 (seems high you might want to redo your numbers) Shay: 1470 Kasey: 1602

The calorie counting will also help you understand that you REALLY Ain't eating enough like you thought you were :)