Welcome to your First Day of the Rest of your Life! (insert evil laugh here) - Okay not really...but for the next 30 days you will journey down a road that is life changing for most.

We have a lot of new people this time around and a few seasoned challengers so we can all learn from each other - very EXCITING!!

Today Day 1 you will post your measurements and your current fitness level test score. Did you forget what to post go back here  http://crossfitstar.com/paleo-challenge-rules/

Did you not have a chance to get some sort of fitness testing in? No problem go do it now and post it before 11:59 tonight.

Be sure to check in every morning - I will be posting daily tips and daily challenges for your chance to earn extra points.

Day 2 will open up tonight at 11:59 and close tomorrow at Midnight. So you have all day to get it done. Did you forget what the forbidden foods are? Go back up and revisit the Paleo Challenge Rules. If your goal is to drop weight during this challenge be sure to pay extra attention to the amount of extra calories and be sure to get in some sort of daily exercise.