Congratulations to Those Who Took On The Burpee Challenge!!! Rock Stars

Today Monday May 12th is the Day you will post your points from Sunday May 11th. 5 points for Nutrition. 2 For Exercise. 1 For Telling us What you Ate.

Hope your sleep challenge is going well.

Can the lack of sleep cause weight gain? Read On


On another Note: I will make mistakes on the leader board - please text me 631-3410 or send me a message via facebook group,  and I will fix the mistake I made. However, I will no longer except late points - no exceptions! If you have a problem call a friend to help you. Life happens plan accordingly.

From The Rules Page:

1. Daily Entry of Points

On each day, from Dayone (1 )thirty-one (31), challengers log into this site and report a score for all of their activities from the day before.

  1. Scoring is open (for the previous day) between midnight and 11:59pm (23 hours and 59 minutes).
  2. If a challenger fails to log their score within this time frame, they will receive zero (0) points for that previous day
  3. ALL SCORES ENTERED ARE FINAL. There will be no altering of scores once they have been entered.