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From a Grubs Paleo Newsletter it writes:

Greetings Paleo Warriors!

Let’s talk about fat. Not just any fat, but healthy fats, why they’re important and where you can get them while eating Paleo. One thing these sources all seem to have in common is that they taste good, which is one reason why it’s so easy to eat Paleo, you get to eat foods you look forward to, that taste great while you’re eating them, and that keep you full for hours after a meal.

Paleo Sources of Healthy Fat

Coconut Oil - Perhaps the best oil you can use while on Paleo is coconut oil. It has a delicious flavor and is packed with healthy fat. Many other diet programs shun coconut oil for its high amount of saturated fat, but the type of saturated fat that coconut oil contains is not bad for you, and signs point to it actually being good for you.

Olive Oil - Here’s an oil that you’ll find on most diet programs, including Paleo. It’s one source of healthy fat that everyone agrees on, making it an essential oil to keep in your Paleo kitchen.

Ghee - This is butter that has had its impurities stripped away, leaving a nice clean fat that you can cook and back with, or simply use directly. It contains monounsaturated fat mostly with a bit of polyunsaturated fat.

Nuts - Almonds, cashews, walnuts, and more are all full of healthy fats and make a great crunchy snack between meals.

Avocados - Avocados are a great way to top up on your healthy fats, and they also provide potassium and fiber, two key nutritional components you’ll want to take into consideration while on Paleo.

Animal Fat - Lard is almost universally panned for being a source of fat you don’t want to use unless you want to stay or become fat. Animal fats of all types have an unwarranted stigma that they’re just not good to use if you want to eat healthy. But Paleo followers know these are good sources of monounsaturated fat and some polyunsaturated fat.

Why Healthy Fats Are So Important

A good dose of healthy fat will make you feel full and satiated, and will help you raise your good cholesterol while simultaneously lowering your bad cholesterol. They are also helpful in assisting the body to lose the excess fat that it has, especially from the belly area. That’s why diets that advocate cutting all fat from your diet often miss the mark because they are throwing away the good along with the bad.