There is a reason why its named "Killer"

But I choose to eat Good Bread -  why are you saying it is bad for me?

We only started eating grains just before the agriculture times (10 thousand years ago) and one problem is that our genes were formed about 2 million years ago.  In fact our digestive system is so skewed that everybody now thinks that grains, especially whole grains, are healthy and nutritious. Grains, a food group that we didn't eat for 97% of our human existence, are now at the bottom of the USDA food pyramid with a recommended 6 to 11 servings per day. This is amazingly wrong!

Be aware that one of reasons why governments pushed grains in the first place were economical. They are cheap to produce (although not without environmental costs), they can be stored for much longer and they can be sold overseas much more easily. In fact, it’s now one of the few things that the US successfully sells overseas.

Chronically elevated insulin levels is indeed the number one problem we now have as a society. After you consume any form of sugar or carbohydrate (they’re converted to sugar anyway). When insulin has to deal with so much sugar that it doesn't know what to do with it anymore, it stores it as fat. Also, when insulin is always high, inflammation begins and cells become resistant to insulin, so your pancreas has to produce even more of it. When your cells have become resistant to insulin, you've become diabetic. This is the new epidemic of westernized countries that we also call the metabolic syndrome. Guess what, the main food source of carbohydrate in out diet are grains (wheat, corn, rye, oats, barley, rice…). Breads and pastas are mostly made of wheat. Without grains, people wouldn't get fat and wouldn't have high insulin levels. Try to get 300g, US’s recommended daily intake of carbs, with vegetables and fruits. You’ll have to eat buckets of them.

Gluten, lectins and phytates, three poisons you can live without. Gluten is, arguably, the worst offender. You can find gluten in wheat, rye and barley. Don’t forget that wheat is absolutely everywhere today.

What you might not know though is that 30% of the population have noticeable amounts of antigiadin in their stools. Antigiadin are antibodies secreted when the body sees giadin, one of gluten’s constituent, as an intruder. Having the antibody in your stools means that your body is actively fighting an intruder and that you already have a low level of chronic inflammation, the source of all modern diseases. Gluten also has this weird ability to mimic certain proteins and to make its way into your cells, then wreaking havoc and making you develop autoimmune diseases where the body attacks itself (Chron’s disease is an example).

Lectins are other toxins present in all grains that cause their load of problems. First, they damage the gut lining and a damaged gut lining is an inflamed gut lining that will have difficulty absorbing nutrients. This also leads the way to colon cancer. Lectins also causes leptin resistance, which means that your hunger signal is suppressed and that you’ll be hungry even when your body has had more than enough calories.

Phytates the other set of toxins, also found in lesser quantities in nuts and seeds, bind to nutrients and robs them from your body. You can then think twice when you think that eating grains will feed you loads of nutrients. Phytates make a good job of making them less bio-available. All this list of nutrients on a bag of sliced bread is only a small proportion of what your body will really be able to get.

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