The wait is over we finally see what we are up against.  Check out his event schedule here Tony already started with the negative talk right out of the gate. "I won't be any good at the dead lift ladder" "let's see how far I can fall on the handstand walks"  - of course I told him to SHUT UP!

The games gear pick up is always a fun time. Since we are returning for the third year we have met so many friends along the way that it is such a nice gathering. The stuff that Tony gets from Reebok is amazing and ridiculous expensive. $55 for calf sleeves - really? The box that they came in is at least $10. Oh and BTW - Wayne...Tony has three new pair of shorts for you :) They are short and tight just like you like them. Sweet looking new lifting shoes - those are my favorite things out of the pick.

We were able to move a little bit this morning - we picked CrossFit South Bay - H - U - G - E - place - very envious of the amount of money some people have to spend on their boxes. Lots of CrossFit Stars showed up when we were there. Until tomorrow ~ Stay Awesome





Annie T warming up



grabbing gear