Well Dang-It I had a picture of Dave Castro and it did not save to phone. dave


Dave is quoted saying "We got calls about the master's not being prepared for the handstand walks. Its Fu@$ing CrossFit. You have to be prepared for the unknowable"

So not to harp on that workout any more - lets just hope Tony gets a PR of 5 Feet! This would not give him a zero - so send your good vibes and energy Boise Peeps!

Tomorrow the schedule will be live streamed directly on your computer at games.crossfit.com The Master's Schedule is https://games.crossfit.com/schedule he is in the 50 - 54 age category.

Orientation Day: Tony's Recovery Tent is all decked out with air conditioning, therapists, food, lounge chairs. He will be in good hands. Unfortunately coaches are not allowed in the tent. :(

shirts lanes brigg

See that big white tent directly behind Tony - ya that is the athlete's tent.


It was Tony's Rest Day so Kayla and I went for a run and stair climbing. The favorite part of my day.

Until tomorrow - Stay Moving.