"Just Keep Swimming" Dory's Theme song is in our heads (thanks Tandy) and yes that is what we are doing over here. Not because the humidity is high (you loose weight just standing outside) Tony is slowly moving up the ladder. 27 points separates he and the 3rd place guy. Its going to be a tight race. You can check out the leaderboard here hands

"We used to call those Canadian Bacon hands back in the the gymnastics days" says Helsi.

The biggest thing today is the hands. This had nothing to do with faulty grip - remember I said it was hot out here. The bars are Hot - new - and moist. Tony's hands plus 95% of ever athlete hands look like this. OUCH OUCH OUCH!

He is excited for the two workouts today and will give it his best shot. Thanks again for all your comments and cheerings we SO appreciate everything! You can catch updates and photos of Tony on my Facebook Page and Instagram.

We pack up early tomorrow morning - we have a lot of SH*T and cram it into our little rental car - once the games are over we head over to Anaheim and relax a bit with the family. Tomorrow we head over to Disney Land and have some fun.

In the mean time keep moving and stay Awesome.