He finished with a bang, and we left in a hurry. Tony finished 4th in event 7 and after reviewing the video tape he realized he was doing 11 box jumps going into the work out when he should of only been doing 10. The final event was a sprint finish and we both agreed the standard for a snatch needs to be a snatch not a press out or muscle snatch - this event was so sloppy with movement standards. Tony was happy to be finally finished and we went over to the athlete's reception to be told we would have to wait an hour and a half and that they were only allowing one free drink. So we left in a hurry! We all were STARVING.

Heading over to Garden Grove and having a nice relaxing weekend with the entire family. We will be heading to Disney Land tomorrow.

Tony did say he doesn't think his body could of taken one more workout. He is walking pretty gingerly this morning.

We cannot thank all of you enough for all your cheers and support. A very good feeling.

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Twice as many vendor's this year. As well as the usual suspects.