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Today is Day 7. Here you will post your points from Saturday September 6th.

It has been studied that people who started off their day with a good protein source were more successful with their goals than those who started their mornings off with only a carbohydrate. Some of you are eating lots of fruit. If you have weight to lose cut down your fruit servings to 2 cups a day. Focus on TONS of veggies and more protein. for example if you are doing smoothies you are probably mixing in as many as 3 servings of fruit, then having more fruit later in the day – Try and eat your food to its whole-ness. Try and avoid fruit smoothies and other smoothie type drinks if at all possible.


Stress can damper your weight loss goals. Stress can make you feel ill. Even if you are doing everything right, not paying attention to your mental health can be enough to perpetuate your digestive problems and limit your food tolerances. your "rest and digest" mode that allows your body to do repair and maintenance work is your parasympathetic mode. This is the mode responsible for setting the conditions for healthy digestion. This is the only mode when you can product stomach acid, digestive enzymes, to help you better absorb the nutrients from your food. Stress can

  •  Disrupt your sleep
  • Fatigue your adrenal glands
  • contribute to blood-sugar regulation problems
  • promote weight gain around your waist
  • alter your gut flora
  • down regulate your immune system
  • promote inflammtion
  • increase digestive issues