Today is day 12. You will post your points from Thursday September 11th. We have a physical challenge and a nutrition challenge starting today. Your Nutrition Challenge is if you eat or drink anything not paleo approved, one bite, one lick, one sip, one gulp you loose ALL of your nutrition points for that day. You will continue this nutrition challenge  the remaining of your 19 days. Your bonus will be you body thanking you ever so sweetly, your gut will love you, and you will feel totally AMAZING!

Here is my Tough Love speech:

It’s not that hard! Don’t you dare tell me this is hard. Giving up heroin is hard. Drinking your coffee black is. Not. Hard. Substituting Sunday morning French toast in favor of a giant omelet and side of crispy bacon is not hard. Eating fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables every day is not hard. So I don’t want to hear one single complaint.  It’s 19 days, and it’s for the most important cause on earth – the only physical body you will ever have in this lifetime. Don’t tell me you “slipped”. Unless you physically tripped and your face landed in a box of Krispy Kremes, you DID NOT SLIP. You made a choice to eat something of poor quality. It’s always a choice, so do not phrase it as if you had an accident.  Commit here, 100%, for the next 19 days.  This does require a bit of effort, people. If this means giving up your alcohol or if you’re cutting grains and dairy for the first time, you have to replace those calories with something. You have to make sure you’re eating enough, that your vitamins and nutrients are balanced, that you’re getting enough protein, fat and carbohydrates.  There are a ton of good resources out there, so take responsibility for your own plan. Improved health, fitness and performance doesn’t happen just because you’re now taking a pass on chocolate milk.

Good Luck! :)



Could you smell it?? You knew it was coming. Did you know that Burpees were rated one of the Top 10 Best exercises? Read more about why I love Burpees  Beginning today you will perform 400 of these lovely beauties. You have until Monday September 15th at Midnight. Report the complete challenge on Monday September 15th by Midnight. All the Burpees must be performed in order to get 10 additional points!!

Before you start freaking out - This is a VERY doable challenge. You have 4 days to perform 400 Burpees. 100 Burpees a day. 12.5 Burpees every Hour. That is one Burpee every 5 minutes! You GOT this!

CrossFit Burpee Video

Review the Video if you are unsure of how or what a burpee is.

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