Today is Day 15 of our Paleo Challenge. Today you will post your points from Sunday September 14th. Be sure to post your burpee bonus points by Midnight tonight!

Did you know that milk's natural sugar is responsible for one of the most common food intolerances in the world, affecting about 70 percent of people worldwide. Milk has the highest amount of lactose per serving. Cheese, cream, butter, ghee, are almost all fat and contain only traces. While yogurt and ice cream fall in between. Some of us however may tolerate lactose to some degree, usually about 4 grams or 1/3 cup. Raw cheeses and milk contain a probiotic which helps break down the lactose but diary products contain both casein and lactose so it is hard to figure out which ones give the most issue. Following this elimination process, be sure to introduce dairy slowly so you can tell if you are part of the 70% that is affected.