Small-Changes-Big-Results Keep the weekend going strong. Begin to think about doing your WOD from day one and taking your measurements as well as after pictures (if you took before photos) You all deserve a WIN! Today you will post your points from Saturday 9/27.


Have you ever seen a baby squat? It is pretty darn perfect and they seem to hold this squat for EVER! Today your challenge is to squat like a baby. You will hold this squat for a TOTAL of 20 minutes! You will squat WITH-OUT shoes on. You are not allowed to hold on to anything or use any equipment to assist you with your squat. It doesn't have to be pretty but I do want you to focus on this very important task at hand. Good Luck!baby squat

Post your 5 bonus points tonight by Midnight. This is an all or nothing challenge. There are no modifications for this challenge.

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