Welcome to Day 15 of your 30 day Paleo Challenge. Today January 26th you will record your points from 1/25/15 by Midnight. (As a reminder I will not except posts after Midnight)sleep

Do you know how important Sleep is to your health? I  just started to realize this over the last year. I am not very good at shutting it off and hitting the sack...but I am getting better.

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Did you know that if a healthy male slept only 5 hours a night for 5 nights he would awaken to a diagnosis of diabetes!


Sleep challenge - you will record your hours of sleep - tonight 1/26, tomorrow 1/27, and 1/28. You will post your total hours of sleep by Thursday January 29th. The only hours that count are the ones you get during your regularly schedule sleep time - no nap times are included in the hours 'slept'. For example I go to bed at 8pm and awake at 3 am I record 7 hours of sleep.