You've reached the finish line of the 30-Day Paleo Challenge! You’re done! It’s all over! You can finally stop eating all that disgusting prime rib, burger, bacon, and pork chops! Thank God it’s OVER.

While this 30-Day Paleo challenge is over, I’m sure many of you have realized this Paleo thing isn’t so bad after all. In fact, it’s kind of delicious, satisfying, and not bloat-provoking. You probably feel better in at least one way after doing this for a month…

To all of you who’ve made it through your first 30 days of eating Paleo, congratulations. To those who went Paleo again for these last 30 days, I congratulate you, too. I hope this was an enlightening, health-changing experience for you all, and that you’ll continue eating this health-promoting way for… well, forever.

In exchange for all your hard work, discipline, and courage, we have some fantastic prizes. Stay tuned to see the final results!

Welcome to your final day Paleo Challenge. Today February 11th you will record your points from 2/10/15 by Midnight. (As a reminder I will not except posts after Midnight)