Reminders and Thoughts

  • Check in early everyday. There maybe something very important that you need to see.

  • Go back and read everyone else's comments. There might be something for you.

  • Read every link I share.

  • Leave any questions you may have - no question is a stupid question.

  • Be vocal - it helps to voice what is going on - we don't judge anyone.

  • Moving forward you will share with us what you ate. Yes you will journal everything. It doesn't have to be in total detail however inquiring minds want to know. Why are you missing nutrition points, exercise points, etc. AND we love new recipes!

  • For every fitness challenge there are modifications. I don't want to hear "I can't do ____ because _____." We all will do the work together - we are a team.

  • Points will not be accepted after Midnight, no exceptions.

  • If you are out of internet range, plan ahead and tell someone to post your points for you.

First Bonus (1) Point available to all of you. Share with us what you'd like out of this challenge, what do you want to succeed in,  30 days is such a short amount of time, so what is realistic to you? Weight loss, Gain weight, Trim Up, lose belly fat, get rid of heart burn, resolve diarrhea, constipation, just to be regular on the pot, blotted belly, sleep better, get rid of achy joints, feel sexy again, no more headaches, heal your gut, treat your auto immune, etc..

Today Wednesday 5/6/15 by midnight you will post your points from Tuesday 5/5/15.