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I cannot thank my family and friends for all of their support during this time - it was a life learning process and I am ever so grateful for the love and encouragement I received. I am overflowing with gratitude.

If you receive The Independent News then you have seen my Fitness Corner. I have been writing for our local paper for a long time. Here is my November article.

Hiring a Trainer

Hiring a personal trainer is serious business; at least I think it is. You are going to show yourself on your first date and many more dates after that. This is who you will tell when you get engaged, get a raise…or get fired.  This is the person who will see you in all of your glory so chose wisely this is your new trainer.

Do your homework. Ask around there are a lot of trainers out there. Do you want a man or a woman? That might depend on your comfort level.  If looks matters to you get someone with a look you can trust. Go ahead and conduct a fairly formal, interview. Use specific, preplanned questions. Ask yourself whether this particular trainer would motivate you to get the results you want. Would you feel encouraged by him/her? Do they have that certain charm necessary to help you reach your goals? If you answer no to any of these questions, keep searching.

Are credentials important? “Certified” means the trainer learned a lot and was able to pass the exam. According to Gunnar Peterson, CSC, CPT “having a certification doesn’t make them a good or bad trainer, there are plenty of certified trainers I would not train with.” Do you want someone who has their on-line certification framed on the wall, or someone who has roamed the weight room since the dawn of time? There is no right or wrong answer; these are questions you need to ask yourself before hiring your personal trainer. Gunner says, “There are also time tested trainers who learned the field before certifications even existed, and I would be honored to train with them”.

The age of your trainer might be important to you. The appearance of your trainer might have something to do with your choices. Bottom line this is about you and your comfort level. Find someone who makes you show up and drives you to work hard once you get there.

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