Today January 10th you will post points from Saturday January 9th. This must be done before Midnight tonight or a zero will be given.

"If I can't give it up for 30 days, then I might need a pamphlet"                 Michelle


How does it effect your athletic performance and weight loss goals? Alcohol can negatively effect protein synthesis. To achieve muscle growth, you must have a positive muscle protein balance. If you don’t consume enough protein or exercise enough, your muscle breakdown may exceed your muscle gains, leading to a catabolic state in which you are losing muscle tissue. In one study alcohol suppressed protein synthesis and caused myopathy in many cases. Myopathy is a condition in which muscle fibers do not function properly, resulting in muscle weakness or loss of movement.

Alcohol decreases testosterone. And yes even women need testosterone. Testosterone is a key hormone within the body that allows muscles to grow and regenerate. Decreases in testosterone are associated with decreases in lean muscle mass and muscle recovery, which can impair performance. The presence of alcohol in your body triggers a multitude of chemical processes, including the release of a toxin from your liver that attacks the amount of testosterone you have. In a 2009 study alcohol showed a decrease in testosterone and an increase in estrogen.  When estrogen levels are high an abundance of symptoms come about. Blotting, weight gain, low sex drive, thyroid dysfunction, hot flashes, just to name a few.

It causes dehydration and depletes your energy. A reduction in your body’s ATP can result in a lack of energy and loss of endurance. In addition, water plays a crucial role in the muscle-building process, as muscles alone are 70 percent water. So even if you are just slightly dehydrated, your muscles will suffer for it.

Alcohol increases fat storage.

Alcohol disrupts your sleep.

Alcohol delays the ability for your body to recover. Giving you long onset of muscle soreness.

Fitness Challenge

Today Sunday you will do as many burpees as possible in your awaken hours. Click on the word burpees to watch a demo video. Record your reps by midnight. Good Luck!