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Do you know how important Sleep is to your health? I  just started to realize this over the last couple of years. I am not very good at shutting it off and hitting the sack…but I am getting better. I wondered about natural supplements to help me sleep - a respected and knowledgeable friend suggested this:

Yes, it is the GABA that helps with sleep. Here is a link below to a reputable source of GABA—or try Customedica they sell Thorne products. The secretagogue has 500 mg of GABA, you can try just 250 mg. Also if you are not already taking melatonin I would take that too— extended release usually works better, otherwise I fine my patients fall asleep, but don’t stay asleep.
Also I don’t know your hormonal status but sleep disruption is the biggest complaint of perimenopausal and menopausal women. That is because progesterone levels are declining. Progesterone is made in the ovaries, primarily, (there is some production in the adrenal glands) and converted to allopregnenolone by the liver which crosses the blood brain barrier and binds to receptors in the brain where its effects are sleep promoting and anxiety reduction. As men age their levels of progesterone decline and this can manifest as a sleep disorder so most of the men in my outpatient practice take a small amount of progesterone (orally) at night to help with sleep too (with excellent results). That would require a prescription and checking blood hormone levels. So have Carla’s husband try the GABA, or extended release melatonin (3 mg). Here is the link for melatonin
I hope this helps, if not there are some other supplements that I can recommend.
Tara Rothwell MS, MPAS, PA-C

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Did you know that if a healthy male slept only 5 hours a night for 5 nights he would awaken to a diagnosis of diabetes! 

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