Today is day 17 - 1/20/16. Congratulations you are almost there! Today you will post points from Tuesday January 19th.

Here is a great article on How to Stay Paleo when you are tired and stressed out. 

Breakfast on the Run? There are some choices here that you can do as breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. Great article for posting to your favorites!

How to eat out Gluten Free

Ready for a challenge? Today you will Lunge! You will lunge for 1000 steps.  You earn 500 points for this challenge. Post your 1000 lunge steps for a total of 500 lunges before MIDNIGHT tonight. To Count your lunges - start with the right leg and then the left leg = 1 lunge. They do not need to be weighted like in the picture.







Paleo Challenge Points Jan 2016 Here is your leaderboard standings