Today 1/29 you will post your points from 1/28.  

If you have not seen this, it is a must read! Where People Go Wrong When Starting a Paleo Diet

At some point during this challenge you found yourselves eating in front of family, friends and co-workers.  You will either decline a certain food or they may ask you a question about what you are eating.  Other people (usually the typical overweight/unhealthy American who frequents the doctors office) will have the tendency to say something to you in reference to the way you eating such as “oh…man that really sucks” , “I feel sorry for you”, or “I could never do that.”  Upon hearing this you may also start to think these thoughts in your head by saying “yeah…this does suck”…or…”sucks to be me.”  This will only get worse….soon you’ll be crying out for help telling the world about how bad you have it now that you can’t have soda, sugar and white bread.  Or worse…you may convince yourself that you can’t do this and start shoveling the Twinkies an Doritos in your mouth.  This is absolute non-sense and it should be recognized immediately for what it is, which is RESISTANCE that wants to keep you stuck.  It’s the same RESISTANCE that has everyone else stuck, fearful of moving forward and making positive changes happen.  Practice not playing the victim role whether it’s coming from external or internal voices. Read On