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Day One Behind Us

I want to thank all of you who follow our Instagram and Facebook Page. Getting all the encouraging words, likes, and Yahoo's is totally awesome!! Thank you  for your support. The first day events were not Tony's strong suit - but he finished event 4 with a fourth place finish. Each event has a 100 possible points, seems strange that a hand-stand-walk and a 20 second sled pull are worth 200 points. Non the less "Tony is the come back kid" as my sister says and he keeps "chipping away" as Helsi reminded me - I could not be more proud of him. All the running paid off and he did well. 

The next days events will be hard - 100 pullups and heavy push jerks. We are talking now about how to break everything up. This will be a tight race as I suspect these guys have decent pullups. WOD 2 is row, med ball cleans and burpees and that will be an all out burner.

We are looking forward to it all.

The teams have arrived and we meet CrossFit Marysville. Young and vibrate bunch, extremely nice people.

Keep moving and Stay Awesome!

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Day One - Done!

It is amazing how so many people eat, breathe, live CrossFit. What I mean by that is they have tattoos on their bodies that tell me so. And the paraphernalia going out the door is amazing!  The money that this organization is making in their clothing alone is incredible. Anyway - a great day of CrossFit with so many FIT Master's. Seriously - the women in my age group (45-49) are in amazing shape!! I think I have at least two years of very serious training before I would even come close to their degree. So many fit people here - totally awesome. Some great articles being written, click here to read on

We are super happy to see most of you surviving on your own and finding other boxes or creative ways to get your WOD on. Every box owner that I have spoken with says the same thing about CrossFitter's "CrossFitter's hate it when we close - even if its for a holiday" So we are super proud of what ever you all have decided to do this week. We are still trying to round up a coach for Saturday - no takers as of this evening. We have the help - it is that no one is in town next be continued.

Day One we arrived at the track at 6:45am. and you would of thought this was our first rodeo. We forgot our food bag back at the hotel! So Tony ran back home to grab it. Then we did not bring enough food by lunch time and they don't have any vendors open in the main area yet so...we scrambled back to the hotel, ate, showered, put our feet up and took off again. We did not pack enough clothes for towels or flip flops for Tony to change into - geez!

Which means no stroll on the beach for this girl ;)

After the 2nd workout Tony said, "I felt every pound on the sled pull today" he also said "I can't believe I did not get through 30 pullups". However in the car he said to me "tomorrow I need to move up a couple of spots" This is all good news guys - he is going to do better tomorrow! Top 12 advances to the next round after tomorrow's  WODs.



My Age Group!

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