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Day 18 of our Paleo Challenge

Welcome to Day 18 of your 30 day Paleo Challenge. Today January 21st you will record your points from 1/20/16 by Midnight. (As a reminder I will not except posts after Midnight) 

Tell us how many ounces of water you drank yesterday.

15 reasons to start your day with lemon water READ ON

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SQUATS!!! Today you will squat 1000 times. For every 2 squats = 1 point. You will squat a 1000 times for a total of 500 points. Be sure to post your scores by midnight tonight! GOOD LUCK!





Day 9 of our Paleo Challenge

Today 1/12/16 you will post your points from 1/11/16

Your digestive tract is probably the most under appreciated system of your body, often ignored until its screams of discontent become loud enough to grab your attention. By the time your gut reaches this degree of disgruntlement, the problems have usually been developing for months — or years — and are challenging to resolve.

Instead of waiting for obvious signs of a problem, why not perform some regular “gut maintenance” that will lessen your chances of developing a problem in the first place? Your gut is much more than a food processing tube — it houses about 85 percent of your immune system. When your GI tract is not working well, a wide range of health problems can appear, including allergies and autoimmune diseases.

Fermented Cultured Veggies are a Superfood read more here

Your Gut can make you crave sugar! have you tried Kombucha? it is so easy to make or you can buy it. Read more here

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Maybe you entered this journey for fat loss. The path to fat loss is not necessarily a difficult one to traverse, but it is largely misunderstood.  The mainstream advice absolutely works, but only if your goal is temporary weight loss, not sustainable fat loss.  “Doing The Paleo Diet” can also be quite effective at making you feel better, improving health, and causing some fat loss, but I have never seen diet alone get anyone all the way to peak health or all the way to a body that looks great in a swim suit (which is actually two ways to say the same thing).  Those who focus on diet alone inevitably end up frustrated and/or short of their goals. Read On Here

Fitness Challenge

Today you will squat. Click here to see a demo of a correct squat. You have til midnight tonight to post your reps. Good Luck!

Paleo Challenge Points Jan 2016 Here are your standings





Day One


Welcome to Day One of your Paleo Challenge. Starting Today Monday, January 12th - January 13th at Midnight you can post your Day One Measurements and Fitness challenge reps. Did you forget what to post? Go here

Post your information to the comments below. You may have to wait for Admin approval before you see your comments - but once you are approved you can comment as much as you like. Good Luck and Lets Have Some Fun!



Top Fitness Trends of 2014

CrossFit Games 2014 078

  1. High Interval Training, such as P90X and CrossFit alike has made the #1 spot for hottest fitness trends of 2014. Typically this type of training requires the athlete to perform short bursts of exercise with a relatively high heart rate with minimal rest periods.
  2. Body Weight Training. Think Pushups, pull-ups, lunges, and squats. This trend is still going strong since a decline in our economy in 2008. No expensive gyms or equipment required – just a desire to exercise.
  3. Experienced and Trained Fitness Professionals. This industry is on the raise and will continue to grow 24% by 2020. Be aware, anyone can claim they are a professional. There are no regulations or professional licensing that is required – so interview your trainer before trusting them with your fitness health.
  4. Group Personal Training. During the recession this trend grew significantly. The trainer will usually offer a cheaper rate when there are three or more clients to train. A win – win situation for both of you.
  5. Yoga remains popular. The Yoga world changes the scene just enough to keep people interested.  Themes such as antigravity yoga, which mixes yoga poses with acrobatics while suspended in the air; karaoke yoga, which aims to strengthen the limbs and vocal chords; and broga, which is geared toward men. The creativity keeps people coming back.
  6. Trends that are starting to fizzle out are Pilates, Zumba, Spinning, and Stability Balls. According to one source these are Fads not trends, they don’t offer the variance that people enjoy.

Whichever you choose be sure to get out there every day and move your body.  Mowing your lawn or walking your dog really doesn’t count.  It is suggested that we get 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate to intense aerobic activity, along with two or more days of strength training a week. How many of you can say you are getting your Fitness On?