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It is never to late to start

Lumina at the age of 72 lift weights 3 times a week and hikes daily. Judi, age 76 participates in a CrossFit workout 3 times a week and walks the green belt. Stan at the age of 64 jump ropes, lift weights and runs short distances. There is definitely something to be said that we can work out later in life and still reap the benefits.  According to a study researchers tracked 9,500 women for 12 years, starting when they were at least age 66. In that time, they found that those who went from doing little or nothing to walking just a mile a day slashed their risk of death from all causes and from cancer by nearly half. Their risk of heart disease also fell by more than a third. In fact, they enjoyed nearly as much protection as women who were physically active before the study began and remained so. Jane A. Cauley, DrPH, of the University of Pittsburgh, "We're talking about women with an average age of 77 at the second visit," she tells WebMD. "And we're talking about their engaging in very mild exercise -- and not running marathons."


If your only form of exercise is working out with your cell phone here are a few tips to get started:

Get a checkup before a workout. A visit to your doctor is wise for anyone beginning an exercise program, but it's crucial for the elderly or others who have been inactive because of health problems.

Start  slow. Once you get the okay, the key to avoiding fatigue and muscle pain is to pull out of the gate very slowly. You may not be able to do more than 15 minutes the first few weeks.

Go more often. Of course, those few minutes of your exercise program can be done several times a day. First, try to do some activity for a few minutes several times a day.

Listen to your body. Don’t worry about going fast. If you are tiring easily or cannot talk comfortably you will need to slow it down or stop.

Don’t do it alone.  Studies show you are more likely to continue long term if you have an accountability partner.

Do what you enjoy. Far too often do I hear “I really don’t like to exercise” Pick an activity that you enjoy, gardening, swimming, tennis, hiking, or skiing. Most important is that you keep moving.


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Day 28 of our Paleo Challenge

"I get plenty of sleep every night, and my body appreciates how I take care of it." ~Louise Hay

Welcome to Day 28 of your 30 day Paleo Challenge. Today January 31st you will record your points from 1/30/16 by Midnight. (As a reminder I will not except posts after Midnight)

I still give my kid's cereal and I TRY and choose what I thought was better than most. Only to find out NOPE its still bad and laden with sugar. Watch a quick video here about cereal

AND another creepy read about what we still allow to have in our food that other countries have banned. READ ON

Many nights I awaken every hour until I finally surrender and just get up. I never thought of eating more food before bed, or getting natural bedding. Here are some great tips if this happens to you...READ ON

This might also be a good time to re-do your workout to see if you score has changed from day one. And if you are ready go ahead and send me your after photos and post your measurements. This will give me a head start on calculating your percentages lost.

Paleo Challenge Points Jan 2016




Day 22 of our Paleo Challenge

Today is Day 22 = January 25th of our 30 day Paleo Challenge. almost thereToday you will post your success from Sunday 1/24/16.

Since we are almost near the end - please share with us how you feel? Are you meeting your goals that you set for yourself?

Under the E = points please share with us what you  have been doing to earn the 2 points.

Fitness Challenge Begins Today.

You will perform As many Up-Up-Down-Down Planks as possible today. For every 10 completed up-up-down-down  you will record 1 point. 10=1 Record and Report your scores tonight before midnight. Try and stay as consistent as possible with this task. 

Along with this challenge you will perform  Wall Sits. You will hold the wall sit as long as possible and rest when you need to. When you are resting the clock stops...and restarts when you get back down into your wall sit. For every 5 minutes of wall sitting you will record 1 point. 5=1 Report your scores tonight before midnight. 

You are all Winners!

Paleo Challenge Points Jan 2016



Day 20 of our Paleo Challenge

Today is Day 20 of our 30 day Paleo Challenge. You will post points from 1/22. How is the sleep going? I find it very challenging because on the days that I work at most I get only about 6 hours sleep. I am really having to work at getting at least 7 or more hours on my off days. I take an occasional supplement to put me into a deeper sleep on my days off. My sleep is much better when my food is on target too! I am feeling so much better when I pay attention to my sleep. Here is an interesting soup recipe and article. I think I might try a small batch and freeze it when we need an immune booster.

This is one of my favorite weekend recipes It does not last long in my house.






Day 19 or our Paleo Challenge

Today 1/22 you will post your points from 1/21.

Fitness Challenge

Today you will perform As Many Push ups As Possible today Day 19 and  post your reps by midnight tonight.

Click HERE to see what counts as a proper push up. This style of push up counts as one (1) rep. no sagging of the knees, hips, or torso. Be honest about your good work.

The modification for this exercise is going to your knees. For every 3 modified push ups you count as (1) rep. All the same standards apply.

Don’t get sloppy. work on form and technique. Good Luck!






Day 17 of our Paleo Challenge

Today is day 17 - 1/20/16. Congratulations you are almost there! Today you will post points from Tuesday January 19th.

Here is a great article on How to Stay Paleo when you are tired and stressed out. 

Breakfast on the Run? There are some choices here that you can do as breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. Great article for posting to your favorites!

How to eat out Gluten Free

Ready for a challenge? Today you will Lunge! You will lunge for 1000 steps.  You earn 500 points for this challenge. Post your 1000 lunge steps for a total of 500 lunges before MIDNIGHT tonight. To Count your lunges - start with the right leg and then the left leg = 1 lunge. They do not need to be weighted like in the picture.







Paleo Challenge Points Jan 2016 Here is your leaderboard standings



Day 14 of our Paleo Challenge

Today is January 17th, Day 14 of our Paleo Challenge.

This is where you will post your points from January 16th. Only post points that are earned or left.

Congratulations you have made it! Two weeks down - nice work.

Do you or someone you know suffer from headaches?

Ah, headaches! They come out of nowhere and completely ruin an otherwise good day. Headaches can set you back and cause a lot of frustration. The good news is there are easy steps you can take to prevent them and stop them in their tracks.

Are there different types of headaches?

Yes, there are two types of headaches: structural and chemical.

A structural headache occurs because of your structure—something in your body that is being pulled, inflamed, or irritated. This has to do with your alignment, your muscles, or anything that is too tight or too loose. These headaches typically start with pain in the neck, spread to the back of the head and move out from there.

A chemical headache occurs from spasms of the blood vessels that line the scalp. When those blood vessels constrict, there is pain in the nerves around those vessels. Chemical headaches are more diffused in nature, especially near or around the eyes or along the temples. Read more...



Day 11 of our Paleo Challenge


Welcome to Day 11 of your 30 day Paleo Challenge. Today January 14th you will record your points from 1/13/16 by Midnight. (As a reminder I will not except posts after Midnight)

I always learn something new from each challenge I do -  and we are only one week and a few days into this challenge and I realized I don't know all of your goals or why you wanted to join this challenge - so if you would be so kind and comment below with your goals and what you'd like to get from your 30 day journey, that would help me further support you along the way.


It just so happens that I received an email today -- perfect timing -- "Three steps to achieve any goal"

Step #1 - A Defined Goal

Okay, before you say this is a "duh", know that most people never actually even get to this step.
Yup, that's right - Step #1 and most people have already quit. Are you still reading? Good, you're not most people.
The TRUTH is that most people are TOO SCARED to actually say their goals out loud.
Most people are embarrassed, or they think they'll fail, or just plain worried about looking stupid.
If you want to achieve anything, you have to be willing to SAY it and BELIEVE it out loud.

Step #2 – A Plan

If you're serious about achieving any goal, you need a plan, a blueprint, a method of how you plan to get there.
"Winging it", isn't gonna cut it.
Admittedly, I'm a fan of winging it. It was my mode of operation for a good 25 years of my life. I rationalized it as being "freeing" rather than what it really was - a lack of discipline.
Now don't get me wrong, there's something awesome about adventuring sometimes without a plan (one of my favorite things), but when it comes to goal completion, you MUST have a plan, a blueprint, A METHOD, for achieving exactly what you want to achieve.
No exception.
No one has ever become successful without some sort of plan.
Whether it's business, finances, or life.
Sure, people have accidentally won the lottery without planning, but they've also accidentally had kids :)
SUCCESS does not happen by accident. Getting your health back does not happen by accident.
As they say, "Failing to plan is planning to fail."

Step #3 – Execution & Discipline

You know what's the hardest part about this whole healthy lifestyle thing?
That's why I ask anyone who is serious about it two questions:
  • How bad do you want it?
  • What are you willing to give up for your goal?
Most people DO NOT ask both questions. They simply talk about what they want without talking about what they're willing to do for the thing they want.
And lets be real...SOMETIMES IT TOUGH! It's real tough! So how do you react when it gets hard?
Remember, one day at a time. You don't have to fight the next years battle in one day. You just need to fight today's battle.
One day at a TIME
Joel from Ultimate Paleo Guide

I can help you finish this challenge with success, but ONLY YOU can decide to keep going when it gets tough. I can't promise it's easy, but it IS worth it. Remember - life is short. Don't let it go by wondering "what if?"

Make this life worth it. It's the only one you got.

You have a new challenge today - how many sit ups can you do in your awaking hours? Click on the link to see what deems as a counted rep, if you don't have a abmat pad no worries you can use a pillow or rolled up towel. Post your sit up reps by MIDNIGHT!! tonight JANUARY 14TH. Good Luck!



Day 9 of our Paleo Challenge

Today 1/12/16 you will post your points from 1/11/16

Your digestive tract is probably the most under appreciated system of your body, often ignored until its screams of discontent become loud enough to grab your attention. By the time your gut reaches this degree of disgruntlement, the problems have usually been developing for months — or years — and are challenging to resolve.

Instead of waiting for obvious signs of a problem, why not perform some regular “gut maintenance” that will lessen your chances of developing a problem in the first place? Your gut is much more than a food processing tube — it houses about 85 percent of your immune system. When your GI tract is not working well, a wide range of health problems can appear, including allergies and autoimmune diseases.

Fermented Cultured Veggies are a Superfood read more here

Your Gut can make you crave sugar! have you tried Kombucha? it is so easy to make or you can buy it. Read more here

Do you have a cure-all-what-ales-you remedy? Try my Elixir

Maybe you entered this journey for fat loss. The path to fat loss is not necessarily a difficult one to traverse, but it is largely misunderstood.  The mainstream advice absolutely works, but only if your goal is temporary weight loss, not sustainable fat loss.  “Doing The Paleo Diet” can also be quite effective at making you feel better, improving health, and causing some fat loss, but I have never seen diet alone get anyone all the way to peak health or all the way to a body that looks great in a swim suit (which is actually two ways to say the same thing).  Those who focus on diet alone inevitably end up frustrated and/or short of their goals. Read On Here

Fitness Challenge

Today you will squat. Click here to see a demo of a correct squat. You have til midnight tonight to post your reps. Good Luck!

Paleo Challenge Points Jan 2016 Here are your standings