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May 20th our 20th day of our Paleo Challenge

I am the first to admit that I am a caffeine junkie. Over the years my caffeine intake got out of hand. As I enter my mid-life issues I have found that caffeine is not the best for optimal health...well at least not a lot of it. The reason we ALL love it so much is that it raises cortisol levels, making us more awake and alert. The problem is that our cortisol levels are probably already raised from being a parent, bread winner, wife, husband, doing this 30 day challenge, and the mega list of many other life stresses. Forcing our body to produce more cortisol can exhaust our adrenal glands and put our body in a constant "fight-or-flight" mode. When our cortisol levels are high our body switches to our sympathetic nervous system in which our digestion stops, stomach acid is inhibited, and our body doesn't absorb the nutrients that it needs. We need to feel calm, happy and relaxed. We must turn on our parasympathetic nervous system and adopt the rest-and-digest" mode.

I was surprised to learn that my 70%-85% Dark Cocoa has as much as 80mg per 3.5oz.

Today Tuesday May 20th is the Day you will post your points from Monday May 19th. 5 points for Nutrition. 2 For Exercise. 1 For Telling us What you Ate.

Post your 5 Bonus points on Thursday May 22nd by 11:59   for completing 1000 alternating lunges.