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Day 9 of our Paleo Challenge

Today 1/12/16 you will post your points from 1/11/16

Your digestive tract is probably the most under appreciated system of your body, often ignored until its screams of discontent become loud enough to grab your attention. By the time your gut reaches this degree of disgruntlement, the problems have usually been developing for months — or years — and are challenging to resolve.

Instead of waiting for obvious signs of a problem, why not perform some regular “gut maintenance” that will lessen your chances of developing a problem in the first place? Your gut is much more than a food processing tube — it houses about 85 percent of your immune system. When your GI tract is not working well, a wide range of health problems can appear, including allergies and autoimmune diseases.

Fermented Cultured Veggies are a Superfood read more here

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Maybe you entered this journey for fat loss. The path to fat loss is not necessarily a difficult one to traverse, but it is largely misunderstood.  The mainstream advice absolutely works, but only if your goal is temporary weight loss, not sustainable fat loss.  “Doing The Paleo Diet” can also be quite effective at making you feel better, improving health, and causing some fat loss, but I have never seen diet alone get anyone all the way to peak health or all the way to a body that looks great in a swim suit (which is actually two ways to say the same thing).  Those who focus on diet alone inevitably end up frustrated and/or short of their goals. Read On Here

Fitness Challenge

Today you will squat. Click here to see a demo of a correct squat. You have til midnight tonight to post your reps. Good Luck!

Paleo Challenge Points Jan 2016 Here are your standings





A little bit about me

For 2 ½ years I have suffered from leaky gut. When I was 7 months pregnant with my 4th child, my family and I all got the flu. We quarantined ourselves, it was the worst ever. Eventually we all got better, but my symptoms never went away. I continued to suffer a never ending battle of an upset stomach and chronic diaherra.  At my next doctor’s visit instead of gaining weight I was losing. The doctor’s had been worried and put me on bed rest and I went through weekly stress tests. They wanted me to eat and eat anything and everything.  I explained to my doctor that we followed a no grain based diet. The doctor’s response was “you made yourself this way. You are sensitive to gluten because you are avoiding gluten.” After Evelyn was born, I worked hard to keep my weight and milk production up. I ate higher calorie foods, started eating protein bars, and drank smoothies; I ate oats, rice and some cheese. My symptoms got worse! I was fed up. I went to visit our local family physician. She ran every test possible. I had nothing obvious; every test came up negative. (I find out later that if you avoid grains your celiac sensitivity test will be negative) Our family doc was stumped. She sent me to a G.I. specialist, the specialist gave me some pills and said, “I think you are over the hump and this will pass.” It was then when I started to take my own health into my own hands, I became my first patient.

I read books; I signed up and watched every functional medicine forum out there. I met with a GAPS practitioner – it was then I realized I was not going crazy and I wasn’t going to die. But I did come to the realization that I most likely had an autoimmune issue and it was going to take a long time to get it under control.

I suspect that I have ALWAYS had leaky gut but never recognized my symptoms. In general, it is not normal to not have a bowel movement on a daily basis. It is not normal to have potty issues after eating a spicy and rich meal. It is not normal to have blotting, gas, and heartburn after eating a meal. Eating a high fiber diet can be worse for some, while others do well on high fiber. Taking a probiotic may be the answer for some, but start slow and work your way up to a tolerable dose. Following an elimination protocol might be the answer.  But seek advice, and do your research. Knowledge is power!

It is because of my first patient (me) that I have continued passion for nutrition and functional medicine. This is also when I realized that my Certified Personal Training certification taught me nothing about alternative health, (so I let that expire).

Several books worth reading are Breaking the Vicious Cycle, Gut and Psychology Syndrome, and Nourishing Broth. There are many informative functional medicine practitioners out there to follow. Dr Allison Siebecker, Dr Michale Ruscio, and Chris Kresser just to name a few.


Original Source from the Independent News Paper