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Day 28 of our Paleo Challenge

"I get plenty of sleep every night, and my body appreciates how I take care of it." ~Louise Hay

Welcome to Day 28 of your 30 day Paleo Challenge. Today January 31st you will record your points from 1/30/16 by Midnight. (As a reminder I will not except posts after Midnight)

I still give my kid's cereal and I TRY and choose what I thought was better than most. Only to find out NOPE its still bad and laden with sugar. Watch a quick video here about cereal

AND another creepy read about what we still allow to have in our food that other countries have banned. READ ON

Many nights I awaken every hour until I finally surrender and just get up. I never thought of eating more food before bed, or getting natural bedding. Here are some great tips if this happens to you...READ ON

This might also be a good time to re-do your workout to see if you score has changed from day one. And if you are ready go ahead and send me your after photos and post your measurements. This will give me a head start on calculating your percentages lost.

Paleo Challenge Points Jan 2016




Day 16 of our Paleo Challenge

Today is day 16 of your 30 day paleo challenge. Be sure to post your points from yesterday January 18th.

How much protein does your body need? Popular dietary recommendations advise 0.7 and 0.9 grams per pound of body weight (1.5 and 2.0 grams per kilograms)

Your body weight ___________lbs   Multiply by 0.7 = ________ your daily minimum protein in grams

Your body weight ___________lbs Multiply by 0.9 = _________ your daily maximum protein in grams

1 ounce of scale weight Meat, poultry, fish, and seafood = 6-9 grams

1 large to jumbo egg = 6 - 8 grams

1 ounce of nuts = 2 - 6 grams

2 tbsp nut butter = 2 - 6 grams

So a review on your nutrition plan for protein: some of you are just not eating enough animal proteins. (a) porkchop (a) drumstick/thigh (a) piece of tilapia  IS not enough protein in one meal.

Fruits: Dr. Cordain’s original recommendation to eat fresh fruits as your appetite dictates still holds for most people. However, if you are very much overweight or are insulin resistant, he recommends that you initially limit high sugar fruits (grapes, bananas, mangos, sweet cherries, apples, pineapples, pears and kiwi fruit) from your diet until your weight starts to normalize and your health improves. Try to include more vegetables in lieu of the high-sugar fruit. As per his previous recommendations, dried fruits contain excessive sugar, and from the table below, you can see they more closely resemble commercial candy than their fresh counterparts. Note that some fruits (avocados, lemons, and limes) are very low in total sugar and should not be restricted.

So a review on your nutrition plan for fruits: MOST all of US are eating way to many servings of fruits. Including raisins, banana chips, dates, figs, bars, and smoothies. Your body will be okay with out all that sugar. So if fat loss is your goal and for most of us it is - then cut back on your fruit intake.



How is your sleep?

Did you know that sleep can hinder your goals?!  Read more about your sleep cycle.




January 26th Day 15 of our Paleo Challenge

Welcome to Day 15 of your 30 day Paleo Challenge. Today January 26th you will record your points from 1/25/15 by Midnight. (As a reminder I will not except posts after Midnight)sleep

Do you know how important Sleep is to your health? I  just started to realize this over the last year. I am not very good at shutting it off and hitting the sack...but I am getting better.

This article pertains to all of us - Read more here

Insomnia and Beyond Paleo - click here to read on

Trouble getting to sleep? Read more here and more here

Did you know that if a healthy male slept only 5 hours a night for 5 nights he would awaken to a diagnosis of diabetes!


Sleep challenge - you will record your hours of sleep - tonight 1/26, tomorrow 1/27, and 1/28. You will post your total hours of sleep by Thursday January 29th. The only hours that count are the ones you get during your regularly schedule sleep time - no nap times are included in the hours 'slept'. For example I go to bed at 8pm and awake at 3 am I record 7 hours of sleep.



Day 13 of our Paleo Challenge

goals Today you will post your points from yesterday September 12th.

"Sleep is the cousin of Death". bad sleep is associated strongly with early mortality, being overweight, having metabolic syndrome, and getting cancer. I’ve said it, your doctor says it, and anyone who’s ever had a bad night’s sleep and felt like death the next day will say it: sleep is absolutely essential to happiness, health, and longevity.

You are not getting enough light during the day. You are eating to late. You are exercising to late. You are staying up to late. You are on Facebook, T.V., Your Phone. Read more:

Please take the time to follow this link - it truly is important information.