It is days like today I wish we lived near the beach. The ocean is like therapy. Tony took a rest day while I did a WOD. Rest Day We visited CrossFit 310. We had a blast - every member greeted us with open arms like a CrossFit Family does. I was very relaxed and comfortable there. I relied on Helen (another member there, who's hubby is SWAT) to be my coach/partner. She treated me like an old friend. I bought a really cool burn out tank because the box owner Kris insisted that we give him no money for dropping by. I know this week's focus is all about Tony but I am going to try and sneak back down to the ocean and take a stroll.

Still star struck - when Graham Holmberg goes running by our hotel window and does some stretching.

The best news ever - the master's events are all streamed live from your computer - which is better then ESPN3. According to Denny ESPN3 is a pain in the butt - so this is much better! The Event Schedule is posted click here to see it. We have to be at the StubHub Center no later than 6:45. Its going to be a very long day....Tony's first WOD goes around 10:55 a.m. I think he will do well. I wish I had more pictures to post - they are on my camera and I forgot the cord to download the photos onto the computer. In fact you all just need to be here with us - seriously it is totally worth coming out!

Eating away from home is like camping. We always eat better when we are away. Deliciousness!


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