Scott's Journey


A little more than 2 years ago, I moved my family to Idaho. This was a time when, after several years of long distance cycling and triathlons, I decided to hang up my swim goggles, sneakers and cycling shoes for a return to bodybuilding. Quickly I regained form and was an off season fit 230 lbs. Loved lifting and still do, but I knew as I was getting closer to the age of 50 that I'd be better served closer to 200 and athletic. This morning I weighed in at 199.6 lbs (13 pounds since the beginning of this challenge). While the weight is not important I do feel as I'm tracking in the right direction but I'm not near where I want to be, though prepared for the rest of this journey.

Thank you Trina and Tony and CrossFit Station.

Michelle's Vow

Michelle K.jpg

I'm a little emotional right now because I started looking at pictures from the past. Here is a shortened version and I'm totally going to let it all out: 6 years ago, I was in the best shape of my life from hiking weekly and eating fresh daily while living in Ethiopia. After unexpected medical reasons and major depression, I had to quit the Peace Corps (my life goal) and return home. I spiraled out of control, started drinking a lot and 7 months later broke my pelvis. This began the "letting myself go." From the most fit to after my second child's birth, I had gained 100lbs. (Okay, literally bawling right now because how did this happen...I know how it happened). After I got the okay from my doctor this summer, I vowed to take care of myself for me, my children and husband. Since my heaviest, I have lost 55 lbs and 15 of that has been from the Whole Life Challenge. I seriously feel stronger everyday. I'm emotional because even though I'm disgusted, I know what I'm capable of and I'm so incredibly thankful for all of you. You don't even know me but your support has and will continue to help me on this lost, but rediscovering, lifestyle. THANK YOU!


Marie's 5 Star Review


Best workout ever! I couldn't dream of running an errand afterwards, as I am a soaking wet mess. The instructors are awesome, and endlessly patient. I have a big pile of pants to donate, as they look ridiculous on me now, and that's a good thing. Oh, and it's fun too :)

Ashley's Encouragement


Disordered eating, anemic and a thyroid disease....this is how I first entered the CrossFit Station. Seeing an ad on the internet for a 21 day challenge I decided that I needed to take the plunge of doing something completely different, in order to tackle my health problems. I was scared that I would be rejected for having so many health issues...but this was not the case whatsoever. From day 1 Tony and Trina were so encouraging and welcoming even when I told them all my health issues....and that is how they stayed. 

Tony and Trina are both encouraging, and caring yet they will challenge you to do things that you think you cannot do. Not only are they welcoming the whole of the community at CrossFit Station are encouraging and caring as well. The 21 day challenge is long over and though I am not entirely where I want to be, I have already seen small changes that are leading to be bigger changes that I am so hopeful for. More energy, more strength, a little more flexibility, and more hope thus far! I am continuing on with CrossFit and encouraged to see even more progress in the future. Thank you Tony and Trina and the whole community at CrossFit Station for all the encouragement and support!

Ruth's Story


I am not much of a picture person so I don't have any photos but: 

Before: 150 pounds. 26.56% Body Fat.  39.84 Fat pounds.  110.16 Lean Body Mass Pounds

After: 138 pounds. 17.49% Body Fat. 24.14 Fat pounds. 113.86 Lean Body Mass Pounds

One year ago I was in the best shape of my life. Then, just as it does, life swooped in and knocked me down. I went through one of the toughest seasons of my life and I had to make some very difficult decisions in many areas of my life. One of which was, to take a break from my rigid exercise routine and relearn what was important to me. As a result of this rest period, in which I ate and drank anything and everything I wanted, I gained 20 pounds! After 7 months off, I decided it was time to add some healthy routines back into my life again, being careful to evaluate how each new addition made me feel physically and spiritually. I wanted balance in my life. What I didn’t expect to discover was just how difficult the climb back into shape would be! I started and stopped all of my old tried and true healthy eating patterns several times only to fall right back into eating and drinking junk! For the first time, I just couldn’t seem to stick to it! I was weak and needed to ask for help – which was not something I was good at.

I had recently joined a new box, CrossFit Station, and Trina spoke with me about the Whole Life Challenge. I never had been one for these types of challenges but after hitting the wall for a couple of months, I knew I needed the accountability. My husband agreed to join the challenge with me and what a blessing that was! Having a partner to do this challenge with (and the whole family) was critical to my success. I know I would not have had the results I did without my partner!

The first two weeks were the toughest. I appreciated the team posts, shared recipes and group communication during this period. It definitely helped my resolve knowing everyone was going through the same daily struggles. I craved sugar So Bad! I also had headaches, became irritable and was very tired. Then, around week three the fog lifted! I was feeling motivated, happier, cravings disappeared (except for chocolate!), and I slept like a baby.

The challenge was good to me! It did exactly what I needed it to. It catapulted me back on track to good health and balance. For me, the keys to sticking with the challenge were having a partner to do it with and advanced meal planning, which I did every Sunday. I also believe that 20 minutes of cardio on the days I did not CrossFit was a major contributor to the inches lost.

Though I am not quite to where I was a year ago, I still feel great about my results! I am now working on increasing my lean body mass pounds and the Whole Life Challenge was just the fiery push I needed to believe in myself again. I am thankful for the Whole Life Challenge and to Trina for her care and focus on nutrition at CrossFit Station. I love the balance CrossFit Station has between fitness and nutrition.


-Ruth Gray