I love butternut squash. In fact I plant a vine every year in my yard. It is so full of flavor and I fix it so simply. It is a great substitute for potatoes and is great if you are following an Autoimmune Protocol. Read here: 5 reasons to eat more butternut squash. 

When people find out I don't eat bread they ask me "what do you eat for lunch?" simple answer is I eat what you eat it's just not stuck between two slices of bread. However if your family still needs their bread and you want a simple bread idea  give this a try. Or this easy blender bread. The family will love it sliced thin and toasted. I added two teaspoons of honey and it is divine.

A bloggers post on What to Expect your First 30 Days on Paleo.

Today May 9th you will post your points from 5/8/15. Don't forget your Burpee reps. For new challengers report every burpee 1=1. For return challengers 2=1.