Today Day 20 5/23 you will post your points from 5/22. Be sure to post your push up points.

Can you believe it!? We have only 10 days left.

Epsom Salts have so many benefits. I soak in the tub about 3 times a week with 1 cup of epsom salt and 1 cup of baking soda. It helps with digestion, detox, pain, sickness, and so much more. Read more here (I would highly recommend this for you Jamie)

Physical Challenge : Lunges

You will perform as many lunges today 5/23 and tomorrow 5/24. You Must report your number of reps (lunges) by midnight Sunday May 24th to receive full credit.

A full Rep is counted every time the trailing knee touches the ground with the right leg then the left leg and you stand all the way up. So if I lunge right leg then left leg that counts as 1 full rep. GOOD LUCK!

Paleo Challenge Points May 2015

Lung Demo Video