Well here is our story.  It's a long and sad tale with nearly every word the truth.
        Hello all, we are Shay and Bryan (I listed us in order of looks and intelligence).  We have been married for 14.166 years.  Together we have 5 boys.  I had 2, Shay had 2, and we have 1 together.  Andrew 22, and Connor 19, are Shay's.  Justin 21, and Jason 17, are mine.  Justin and Jason stay with their mother.  Then we have Matthew, 12, our resident NBLL baseball player.  Thankfully only 2, Connor and Matt, are still at home.  Anyone want a 6 bedroom house?
        Shay and I are both teachers.  Shay has taught 6th grade for 23 years with a year at 7th in there somewhere, for a grand total of 24.  She has been at Eagle Middle for the last 18 years.  I have been a math teacher for 22 years, 6 at Lowell Scott Middle, 3 at Eagle Middle, 10 at Lewis & Clark Middle and the last 3 at Central Academy high school, hence the 14.166 years of marriage, I did the math.
      Now for the why we CrossFit part.  We both have been fairly active all of our lives, from grade school sports to the ripe old age of, lets say "29" (actually we are both 47, but Shay is in denial).  By the way, don't snow ski with Shay, she grew up on those stupid things.   As we turned 29 for the 15th time, weight loss started getting much harder.
      After a year or so we decided we needed to exercise more.  We were running, biking, taking walks and watching what we ate, yet we were not getting the results we wanted.  Shay heard about CrossFit at school and found CrossFit Station.  She started in July of 2011.  She was soon a convert 4-5 days a week.  I kept working out at home and she would come home and say how much she loved the workouts, Trina, Tony, and the people there.  She finally convinced me to try, that and a $30 first month trial, and I became addicted, although it still frustrates me that she is faster than I am at everything.
     We try to workout 6 days a week, and are usually good at that.  I didn't  realize how much my fitness level changed until we redid a WOD, I was faster and used more weight.  Then in January we took Trina's Paleo challenge, WOW, was challenge an understatement.  How do you eat Paleo and not practice for the drinking olympics, I am a silver medalist.  Anyway we are still eating a mostly paleo diet and continue to lean ourselves.  We love CrossFit , Trina, Tony, and our CrossFit family.  All the work, all the sweat, all the soreness are worth it.  To feel healthy and strong is priceless, sorry I sound like  MasterCard commercial.
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